I lied


I am so sorry.
You went past me, in a rush, asking if everything was alright.
I said yes.
You stopped, turned around and asked again.
"You sure you're alright?"
Yeah, yeah, sure.
A smile, a lie.
You carried on, busy with your own business.
And all you left for me was an icy breeze of loneliness.
And the view of the door you closed behind you.
I am sorry.
My lips don't follow my will.
My mind is a roaring sea I can't control.
All I can do is use my body.
Use my body to tell you I'm not okay.

See me.
I beg you, please, see me! 

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  1. Vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar (: Hab mich echt drüber gefreut!
    Alles Liebe